A toolkit for public engagement

I edited and advised NHS Central Lancashire on the development of this toolkit. It’s aimed primarily at GPs and other clinicians who are new to the role of commissioning health services, a role that carries a statutory duty to consult and involve patients and the public when making decisions. All the same, a lot of it is just as valid in any setting and it covers a wide spectrum of engagement, ranging from informing and consulting people through to collaboration, co-production and patient self-management.

  • Download the toolkit here.
  • See the NHS Central Lancashire web page here.

Public engagement case studies in the NHS

To go with the toolkit (above), NHS Central Lancashire also wrote up a series of case studies covering many different types of engagement. The case studies explain the reason for each engagement, how it was carried out and the results achieved. Each one also has a useful outline of all the practical arrangements that went into making the engagement a success.

  • Download the case studies here.

Stakeholder analysis template

Also to go with the toolkit (above), there is an Excel template to help you identify the people and groups to involve in any engagement process. It recognises that people will have different levels of interest and impact on the issues, and that there may be critical points in the process for some participants to be involved. The template is tailored towards clinical commissioners but you can adapt it to most situations by amending the list in Column A to suit.

  • Download the stakeholder analysis template here.